vang vieng… where safety comes to die

In looking for information about Vang Vieng I stumbled onto this blog that describes some one’s trip to Vang Vieng as “where safety comes to die”.  I thought that was a fairly accurate portrait of the town – in my experience, it’s hard to beleive that so few people have died there.  I went off a really high water slide a few times and came dangerously close to hitting some rocks.  Vanessa sliced her foot open.  Everyone was drunk and/or high, jumping off 10 m high rope swings, constructed of rickety-looking wooden sticks.  The river is pretty low right now, but I would be terrified to attempt the tubing in the rainy season. Some other unsafe activities I spotted are as follows:

Open fires

Glass bottles

Very loud music

Unprotected sex

Walking barefoot

Illegal drugs

Running with scissors

Kayaking without a permit

Drinking untreated water

Really… the list can just go on and on.

The other somewhat horrifying things about Vang Vieng was that at least 2 restaurants were simautaneously showing Friends the entire time I was there.  Non-stop Friends.  In 2 different restaurants.  Other restaurants featured Lao cultural gems such as “Family Guy”, “The Simpsons”, and “Ghostbusters”.  Also, about 75% of the restaurants in the town actually have the exact same menu, which is pages and pages long and has everything imaginable on it.  However, if you ask for the fish, don’t be surprised if they make you wait 1 hour, and then come back to tell you, “Sorry, we don’t have any fish”.


One thought on “vang vieng… where safety comes to die

  1. Vung Vieng is a beautiful city and now the town is known for a cheap place where tourists can come to get high. Pretty sad!! Lao government needs to clean up the town and restore it.

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