more surprising lao food

Evan after 6 months, the Lao culinary delights never cease to amaze me.

On Saturday I went to have lunch at my friend Noi’s house.  She is the secretary at the English School I teach at.

We had duck laap, which was delicious, and duck foot soup:


I did eat a bit of this soup – mostly just the broth and the vegetables.  I didn’t gnaw on the feet at all.

And then, they brought out this:


A plate of Duck’s blood.

With some herbs and peanuts sprinkled on top.

I have to admit, even having this dish on the table, made me completely lose my appetite.

Anyway, it was an enjoyable party, but since I am getting ready to go to Australia for Christmas, I couldn’t stay long, since I had a million things to do.

Speaking of which, I must be off to do some of those million things i didn’t finish yesterday.


One thought on “more surprising lao food

  1. Finally you were served blood. I have heard so much about the Lao tradition and it seems that you managed to avoid it for so long.

    I wish you had tried it so that you could let me know how it was.

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