more from cambodia.

Sorry,  I have been busy and now am updating erratically and in a non-chronological order.  Please forgive me!

I think I ended my last story with my sunset visit to Angkor.


I rode my bike back to my guesthouse, went and ate a really delicious burrito, since I knew I wouldn’t find Mexican food for months to come, and then went to sleep.

The next day I woke up early, went to try to print out some documents with pretty complete descriptions of the monuments, and then found some guy with a motorcycle who agreed to take me to see everything for $8.

I recommend this mini-guide:

The author has rated all of the principal sites using a 1-3 * system.  The ***’s are essential, even for a one-day visit.  You can do it all in one day, but you will be exhausted for the following few days.

It was the day following the big Cambodia Water Festival full-moon party.  Visiting the temples at Angkor, I would say hello to the people checking tickets, and ask how they were.  “Not well” several of them said.  “Why?” I asked.

“I drank too much beer last night.” they all replied.

Anyway, I did a combination of the big loop and the small loop, hitting most of the ***’s except Banteay Srei, because it was too far out.  However, after spending an hour getting lost inside Angkor Wat, when I went back to find my driver, he told me he was grieviously ill and had to return home immediately.  He called a friend, who came to meet me, however, the 2nd driver could not speak a word of English.  Anyway, I think he was also hung over, and that’s why he suddenly was so ill he had to go home, because later that night I saw him on a corner drinking beer with his friends.

The whole visit to Angkor was pretty amazing.  I arrived at 8 am and spent all day wandering around 1,000 year old temples.  It was unbelievable.  I took a lot of pictures.  Unfortunately, there is no where in Laos where you can get black and white film developed.  “Go to Thailand” I have been told.  So, we’ll have to wait for more pictures.

The next day I woke up early and took a plane from Siem Reap back to Vientiane.  It felt really good to be home again.  That same day I had to go to ACL and teach for 2 hours, and then go to my friend’s wedding.

It was an exciting 2 weeks.


One thought on “more from cambodia.

  1. Aw. You must have been to some of the same places I saw in 1996. The pre-archivist Heidi did a very crappy job of organizing Cambodia trip photos & memorabilia, so I have a lot of pics that I can only describe as “the most awesome place in Cambodia.” I think Banteay Srei was pretty great, if I recall, coming back from there we saw tons of tanks parked along the road. There was also this UNESCO site with the crazy overgrown banyan tree roots destroying everything…did you go to that one? It had a weird echo chamber you could go in after crawling over tons of broken down stuff. That place was huge and completely empty. Probably my favorite thing is the wall with the churning of the sea of milk at Angkor though.

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