lao weddings

The day I flew back from Cambodia I went to my friend Vaykhoun’s wedding.  I went straight from teaching to the wedding.  This was my 2nd Lao wedding, and very enjoyable.

Lao wedding season is in full-swing.  I went to the morning market shopping mall the other day, and where they normally have people selling motorcyles or shoes or something in the centre, they have now devoted the entire atrium to wedding paraphanalia.

The first Lao wedding I went to was a friend of Vaykhouns, pictures below.  When I went to his wedding, he invited me to come to the bassi ceremony during the day, at his wife’s house.  He described to me how to go there, and gave me a map.  On the day of the wedding, I was riding my bike down the street where he had indicated.  I saw a big party, and lots of people arriving at a house.  I parked my bike, went into the garden, and said hello to a few people.  I ate a few nacsk, and was standing around for a few minutes, and then deicded to go inside and see the ceremony.  As I was about to take my shoes off and go inside, I looked at the doorway.  Next to it, there was a large portrait of the married couple.  I realized, “I don’t know those people.”.

I was at the wrong wedding.

I felt mortified, but at the same time, realized how fucking funny it was that I was actually at the wrong wedding.  Only in Laos.

I tried to discreetly sneak away, at which point I rode my bike another 200 or so meters, and found the correct wedding.



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