saturday at the children’s cultural center

Saturday I went to see my friend Phouvieng who is normally the Children’s librarian at the National Library.  On Saturday she works at the Children’s Cultural Centre, doing storytelling and helping out with other activities.  I got there a little late, so I missed the story telling, but I did get to sit in on a music lesson, and learn how to play some traditional Lao instruments with the kids.

lao instruments
lao instruments

After that, a bunch of kids performed a choreographed dance for, including this one:

wearing a shirt that says "fuck off wankers".
wearing a shirt that says"fuck off you wankers".

and I hung out with these little girls:

and then ate some pho with congealed blood in it:

sep lae!
sep lae!

before I played table tennis with Phouvieng for a while, and then headed home sometime in the afternoon.  It was a lovely day!


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