hot for teacher

I started teaching English at “ACL” or “Australian Centre for Language” last week.  I have a level 3 class for 6 hours a week.  It pays $11 an hour.  Not a bad gig over all, the students are motsly all girls between the ages of 13 and 20.  If I were a 40 year old man I would be in heaven.

They’re all pretty cute and sweet, even though some of them don’t put very much effort into class.  I’m not a very god disciplinarian, so hopefully they will learn something even if I can’t force them to work hard.

All of the students have nick names that are generally easier to pronounce than their Lao names.  They all laugh at me when I say their names wrong.  AT first I thought maybe I was saying some kind of dirty word, but they told me it wasn’t a bad word, they just think I’m funny.  This is probably a lie, I am probably saying “dog testicles” or something.  The Lao sometimes have a cruel and vulgar sense of humor.

Anyway, it’s ok for me, one of my students’ nicknames is “Titty”.

I haven’t yet had the heart to tell her that it’s not a very polite word in English.  I also have a hard time not laughing everytime I call on her.

My students have a hard time remembering to pronounce the ends of words, so Miss Nicole usually ends up “Miss Nico”.  I don’t mind his at all, and in fact kind of like it.  I wonder if I can get them to start calling me “Miss Nico Sauve”, “Miss Peurto Nico”, or even “Miss Lil’ Nast”

I also have this on-going joke with my students about how I am the most beautiful teacher in Laos.  First they asked me what my Lao nickname was and I said “Nyam Lae” (very beautiful).  Then, when I was teaching them articles and how you must use the definite article (the) with a superlative, ie: the most beautiful teacher, because there can only be one (me), we use “the”.  They think it’s funny and I also enjoy this little inside joke we have.

One thought on “hot for teacher

  1. Hi Nicole,
    Fascinating blog – and very useful for me, as i am planning to move to Laos in January for a 3 month trial – writing maibnly, but doing 6 hours a week teaching would be ideal and pay for my living expenses – i think .Can you help me re contacting schools etc and any tips? i am a 51 yr old spinster from scotland – who worked all my life in London , until two years ago when i came to HCMC – its been atypical Asian experience – frustration and magic combined in almost equal quantities – but itsnow time to leave the pollution behind and go somewhere quiet and with a 3 month limit – i should be able to survive. please reply , if you have time and thanks for such an entertaining read., Best, Carol

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