oops, i did it again.

In my enthusiam for a certain Le Tigre song, I jumped off the third step of Laurie-anne’s porch and my camera flew out of my pocket and onto the cement floor.  So, my camera is currently non-functioning, again.

Which is a shame because I had a really amazing photo opportunity this morning, on my way to work.

For the past 2 weeks, the entering freshman class at the University has been under-going some kind of Lao Militrary training that is compulsory for boys.  I have seen them every day, mostly just sitting under the trees in the parking lot between the library and the Faculty of Letters, wearing hats, not doing much. Normally I walk by them, feel all 200 pairs of eyes watching me, and try to escape as quickly as possible.  Sometimes they wave at me and say hello.  Mostly they just play with their cellphones.

However, this morning, for the first time, I actually saw them engaged in some kind of mock-battle preparations.  As I walked from where the bus drops me off, to the library, I noticed two lines of boys, all holding either a stick, a plastic tube, or a plastic gun.  I assumed that these sticks and tubes were supposed to represent rifles.  The path I used took me right in front of their lines and thus their lines of fire.  Luckily none of them had actual guns.  As I passed them, some kind of drill sargent came out and started conducting them into some elaborate manouevers that involved slinking through the grass crouched over, turning around in circles, and aiming their sticks at some imaginary target.  It kind of looked like tai-chi, but with fake guns.

Anyway, if I can manage to get my camera working again, hopefully I can get some actions shots of the new recruits before the training is over.


2 thoughts on “oops, i did it again.

  1. no! they weren’t wearing 18th century garb or firing gunpowder filled rifles! i actually didn’t even think about that until you just reminded me. now i miss you. and the historical re-enactors.

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