lao cultural resources at the UCL

I am going to a conference on “Local Knowledge and Indigenous Information Resources” in Thailand next week.  I’m really excited also because the director of the Mahasdrawkan University’s Academic Resource Centre has invited me to stay with her in her house during the conference.  I’m excited about doing a home-stay with a Thai academic!  Hopefully she can teach me to cook some Thai food too.

In preparation for the conference, the director has asked me to scan some “Local information materials” that he can use in his presentation.  In going through some of the stuff I found some hidden gems.

frangpani is the lao national flower
frangpani is the lao national flower

and this one is nice:

but this one is by far the best:

Translated roughly:

the lao young girl, coquette and smiling
greets you with grace, making soft eyes
with a slow, shy, kind and gracious gesture
she knows how to speak to you with a suppliant voice
with her lao skirt, her primping
she shines everywhere with a great brightness
peaceful, she is attached to the ground by her ancestors
Weaver,  housewife, she leaves, seductively
to the market
then back to her home kitchen
preparing her best lunch and dinner
the lao girl, modest and prudent
prefers to stay at home, taking care of her pleasant foyer
helping her mother to care for her housework
What agreeable sweet asylum and hospitality!
oh….that Pusao Lao !

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