not at all about laos

Ok, I just wanted to say that last night I watched a really shitty quality camcorder-in-the-theatre version of “Batman: The Dark Knight” and felt kind of emotionally exhausted afterwards.  But I really enjoyed the film.  My favorite thing about it was at one point I thought to myself “That looks like the Rush Presbyterian St Luke’s Parking Garage.”, where, as many of you may know, I worked for 4 years, and then later I realized, it was the Rush Parking garage.  However actually the best thing was seeing how they totally amazingly transformed the CTA buses in “Gotham Transit Authority” by making the C into a G.  Those movie people are SO BRILLIANT!  I also enjoyed the car chase scenes along Lake Street and the Marina Towers in the background of Bruce Wayne’s penthouse view.  It made me homesick for a minute.  And was that the old Cook County Hospital they blew up?


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