haircuts, lao style

I asked my mom to send me my hair-cutting scissors and razor, but she claimed that it would be more expensive to send them than for me to just go to a Lao hair salon and get some one else to cut my hair.  Normally I don’t like letting other people cut my hair, because of some bad experiences in the past (thanks mom), but I thought I could give it a try.

I got off work a little early yesterday, so I decided to stop in the beauty salon nearest to my house and get a trim.

Little did I know, until after already taking my shoes off, this was a ladyboy salon.  However, in general, all of the ladyboys I’ve seen around Vientiane have impeccable style and are much more “hip” than the other ladies (who sometimes seem quite dowdy in comparison to the transvestites), so this was good fortune for me that the closest hair salon to my house happened to be a hub for transgendered individuals.

I was directed towards the shampoo station, where a rather tall ladyboy washed and conditioned my hair. She then sat me down in the chair, and gave me what I think is an excellent hair cut.

Then, she straightened and styled my hair in a very attractive manner.  She managed to get rid of some of my layers, my split ends, and did not use any styling products, and spent a good 1/2 hour blow drying and combing my hair, all for 50,000 kip ($6).  Overall, I was very pleased with the results, and I will certainly be a repeat customer.  I’m wondering how much she would charge me just to straighten and style my hair, I might start going every day.

Everyone was really friendly, too!  One of the other ladies just hanging around the salon asked me if I like drinking Beerlao, and then said I should come back and have a drink with them sometime.  It seemed like there were ladyboys, regular ladies, gay guys, straight guys, all hanging out eating fried chicken together in a convival way, which was nice to see.  I should hang out at the salon more often.


3 thoughts on “haircuts, lao style

  1. Hey Nicole !!! This is a wonderful and amazing blog ! I am so delighted it is working out for you and you are having such fascinating experiences !!!

    what a life !

    Maybe write a book ????

    or…… how about a radio button to a paypal acct so readers can make donations ???????

    At any rate – best wishes to you on all of your endeavors !!!

    If you can fill the unforgiving minute …

    wish 60 secinds worth of distance run ……

    Yours is the earth and everything that’s in it ….

    ( from Rudyard Kipling’s – ” If ” )

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