central library website, etc.

I’ve been working on the NUOL Central Library’s website, and other things.


Unfortunately, a content management system for the website has already been set up, and  is extremely limited.  Apparently all of the university departments had to agree on a basic format, and 4 basic categories, that I cannot change.  This makes it difficult to do very much with the website.

I created a subject guide for the resources in human trafficking at the library as well:


My plans are to also work on creating some citation guides; the students here have no idea how to cite, even the Master’s students.  Also, perhaps some more subject guides.  I don’t know if any of this is actually doing any good, considering it’s in English, but at least it’s making me feel useful.

I’m having a meeting tomorrow with the heads of the departments to hopefully define my role and tasks more clearly.  I can’t do much with regards to the information literacy project for right now since it is “summer” vacation and none of the students are on campus.


One thought on “central library website, etc.

  1. ahhh typo… organisation… i want to look at the website, but now i’m in my 3rd to last day at work (did i tell you?? I QUIT)… i miss youuuuuuuuuuu of course i miss you, you’re never here!! GOT YOUR POSTCARD THANK YOU I HAVE A LETTER FOR YOU THAT I NEVER SENT

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