it’s been a rough week.

It’s actually hard to keep track of everything that’s happened.

Firstly, I had to call my bank about 20 times and fax them 3 or 4 different letters.  I think they have straightened things out.  I also had to coordinate with my mother how best for her to send me my new bank card.  It was $80 to send it FedEx, so we shall see if the Lao Postal Service actually pulls through and makes this delivery.

On Thursday evening, I went out to join a few people I met around town for a drink.  At point one during the evening, somebody knocked over a glass that fell to the ground and broke near my feet.  Suddenly my foot started bleeding profusely.  It was practically spurting blood all over the place.  The cut was actually very small but I guess the glass hit a vein or something.  Immediately everyone present mobilized and got me laying down on a bench with my foot up on a table and bandages and gauze and ice and towels and even a brandy.  Around this time, one of the guys told me that he was an Australian EMT and had been trained as an Army Medic, but, he wasn’t allowed to treat anybody, because the last person he had tried to help, ended up dying.  He tried to convince me it was unrelated – the guy fell off his bicycle, and the Australian guy fixed him up, and then an hour later, had a heart attack, and died en-route to the hospital in Thailand.  Finally the bleeding stopped, and my plan was to head home, however a cute Englishman convinced me otherwise.  We went to another bar, where, after about 5 minutes, my foot started bleeding again.  This time the trained EMT’s were not present, so I wrapped my foot in a bunch of napkins and then tried to leave.  I didn’t want to ride my bike home, but i didn’t want to leave it downtown. The guy responsible for knocking over the glass insisted I take a tuk-tuk and put the bike in it.  They asked me where I lived and I tried to explain but I don’t actually know the name of the street I live near, so they all assumed I had no idea where I lived.  So he put me, and bike, in a tuk-tuk, and said “Ok, if you get close to your house, will you know where it is ?” which was really frustrating because I said “I KNOW WHERE I LIVE.  Yes, I can tell the tuk-tuk driver how to get there. ”  Oh, and it was also pouring rain.

Anyway, the tuk-tuk driver is totally trying to rip me off and we stand in the street arguing about the price for like 10 minutes while my foot is bleeding and finally I just agree to the price he says and we go.  When we finally get to my house, the driver doesn’t have change for my 50,000 kip bill.  I offer him 8,000 kip.  The normal price to go to my house from downtown is 10,000 kip.  He is trying to charge me 20,000.  He only has 4 US dollars in his wallet.  I argue with him for another 10 minutes, at this point I am really frustrated because my foot is bleeding and it is raining and I am standing in a puddle.  Finally I give him the 50,000 kip and make him give me $3, which eventually I think worked out in my favour, but I’m not that good at math and I am still trying to figure that out.

Anyway, I went home, cleaned up my foot, which stopped bleeding, and went to bed.  And then I got up at 7 the next morning and went to work.


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