identity theft

Ok, some people have expressed their concerns over my possible identity theft.  To be honest, I am not all that concerned.  First of all, I am a really poor target for identity theft.  Any one who steals my identity also steals my $60,000 in student loans debt, and the fact that I have zero income right now.    So, assuming that I can get this $4,000 back from the bank, I’m not that worried.  Anyone trying to apply for loans or credit in my name is sure to get rejected.

I can’t even get credit myself unless I beg my mother for a loan that she “knows I’m good for”.  If however, that person wanted to start paying some of my student loans off, that would be great.  Maybe this is a non-chalant attitude, maybe there are things about identity theft I don’t know about.  Anyway, if anyone has suggestions for me, I would appreciate it.


2 thoughts on “identity theft

  1. I guess identity theft is a pretty broad term now-a-days… cause i bought this camera on ebay and they didn’t send it to me but they charged my credit card ….and that was identity theft (?!?) I personally think that is just theft, but that was the label they gave it.. I am in the process of trying to get my 664 dollars back.


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