why god, why !???!

OK, I’ve been having some bad luck lately.

Firstly, my house almost burned down.

The roof is on fire!
The roof is on fire!

Thursday was the beginning of Buddhist lent, so there were a lot of people burning candles and incense in their houses.  One of the caught on fire, and suddenly there was a huge raging fire that ended up completely burning down 5 hours on my street.  At 10 pm on Thursday night my landlord starts pounding on my door – “FIRE!!  grab your passport and get out!”.


  So, all ofthe people living in my area of the concesion grab our stuff and climb over a wall to safety, where we wait for about 3 hours, while finally some fire trucks arrive and eventually the fire is put out.  I will admit that it was quite frightening.

post-fire destruction
post-fire destruction

Then, yesterday I found out that some one has stolen my debit card information and bought $4,000 worth of computer equipment online.  So, I called my bank, and hopefully I can dispute the charges and everything will be taken care of.  But in the meantime, they canceled my debit card and are sending a new one to my mother’s house… and then she will have to Fed Ex it to me here.  So, I had planned on paying my fees for my Canadian Work Permit online this week using that debit card… and now I can’t.  I have to submit the visa application before August 27th so I am not sure what I will do.

All of the computers in this entire country have viruses on them, and I think they can steal your banking information by recording your key strokes or something.  I bought some books on Amazon last week and I bet that’s when the sleazy Nigerian guy I saw at the internet cafe got my information.  I hate to promote racial stereotypes… but we all know it’s true.

What else?  Of yeah!  I went to Thailand! 

I really went to Thailand
I really went to Thailand

The library director and his wife took me to Nong Khai, just on the other side of the Mekong, so I could renew my Lao Visa.  They wanted to go to the mall – and it was pretty unbelievable that just across the river it’s like you’re suddenly back in civilization… there is a Starbucks there, and Kentucky Fried Chicken, and a 7-11 !!??!!  Otherwise, it was basically exactly like Vientiane, except they drive on the other side of the road there.

The Thai-Lao Friendship
The Thai-Lao Friendship

I bought stuff to bake cookies at the Tesco – which turned out alright.  My make-shift oven is not really cutting it, and for pizzas or quiches I wil have to make some changes.  But it works for now.

Ok, The director of the library wants me to go have lunch with him now so I have to go.  Later today I am going to go register at the US Embassy.  I do have more stories to tell, I made some friends!  But I will save that for another post.


One thought on “why god, why !???!

  1. There is a Tesco just across the river? Tesco is my favourite grocery store. I am a particularly big fan of Tesco Super-Value products (the ones with the red, white, and blue bars on the tops and bottoms of the products).

    Sorry to hear about the fire in your neighbourhood. I am impressed that your landlord would so quickly think of you grabbing your passport.

    Best of luck figuring out your banking related matters.

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