more from vienetiane

The workshop is over! and I have learned a few things, not just about information literacy.

My friends dancingEveryone from the workshop went out last night, and I learned that the Lao sure do love to party. In particular, they love elaborte line dances.  Trying to do the elcectric slide with 20 Laoatians while listening to cheesy pop music being performed with a keyboard and a singer is a pretty surreal experience.

We ate dinner at a nice place overlooking the Mekong River, and on the other side is Thailand, where hopefully I will get to go soon.

sunset on the mekong

I am checking out of the hotel today, so that means no more luxury at the expense of IFLA! From here on out I am on the $2 a day plan, which may be difficult with the US dollar being virtually worthless these days. Even so, I am going to get a bicycle this weekend!

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